Services - Construction Engineering and Inspection

CivilCorp provides construction management services with the intention of meeting every client’s needs. We develop a plan that incorporates budgetary constraints and funding issues as well as community and environmental needs.

A continuous flow of communication is maintained throughout the construction process between the owners, designers, consultants, and agencies through regularly scheduled progress meetings and site visits.

The project engineer and inspector must not only be well-informed about the hands-on tasks of the inspection process, but must also have a clear understanding of responsibilities and authority. The engineer supervises the construction process and represents the client’s interests. The field inspection staff monitors and documents compliance with plans and specifications, as well as state and local regulations.

We have completed projects consisting of the analysis of plans and specifications in both urban and rural areas. Assignments have included wide-ranging knowledge of construction and maintenance procedures, traffic control, disputes, and shop drawings.

We have also assisted in the overseeing of contracts, issued work orders, construction schedules and job progress on various construction projects. By outlining, organizing, and developing practical and economical solutions to detailed design and construction issues, we deliver the level of commitment essential to construction management.


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