Current Projects: 

US-181 Harbor Bridge Project
The project has officially kicked off for construction.  Civilcorp is very pleased to be an integral part of this construction project. We are sub-consultants to Figg Engineering which is the Bridge Design Engineers for Flatiron Dragados Joint Venture.  We will be handling all the preliminary engineering surveying for the project. 
This will consist of all Project Control Verification, Graphics Verification, Right of Way Surveying, Utility Surveying and Geotech Surveying.  We will be also handling any design verification that deals with drainage or structures.  We are presently working on the Control Verification, Utility Surveying, Geotech boring surveying and Right of Way Surveying.  This is scheduled as a 5-year project and we are looking forward to being part of this historic development.  This project was begun in January of 2016 and is currently under construction.

University of Houston Ben Wilson Corridor Study 

Sub consultant to Freese and Nichols to evaluate  needs, analyze conditions and recommend treatmnts along the Ben Wilson Street corridor. 
CivilCorp’s professional services included assisting the prime consultant with local engineering support and development of the base map for the corridor study. The survey base mapping included providing a base map depicting all improvements on the corridor including future building and entrances.  Visible utilities and underground municipal utilities were mapped for project costing.  Final base map included all utilities and roadway features.